Alandalus Mall, an Alandalus Property Project, awarded with cityscape award for best retail and commercial project in Saudi Arabia 2009



Hayat mall , an Alandalus Property Project, awarded with cityscape award for best retail and commercial project in Saudi Arabia 2010


  • Establishing the Company with a capital of two hundred and thirty-eight million and nine hundred thousand (238,900,000) Saudi Riyals.
  • Commencement of all construction work in Alandalus Mall in Jeddah.
  • Increasing the Company's capital from two hundred and thirty-eight million nine hundred (238,900,000) Saudi Riyal to three hundred and forty-three million (343,000,000) Saudi Riyal.
  • Opening Alandalus Mall in Jeddah.
  • Commencement of construction works at Darren Mall in Dammam city.
  • Signing a memorandum of understanding with Jeddah City Municipality to develop a landmark project, Alandalus Square.
  • Acquisition of 50% of Hyatt Mall in Riyadh.
  • Purchase a share of land in Al-Ahsa, located east of King Abdulaziz Medical City, of an area of 185,083 square meters (15.06%), at a price of SAR 30 million. The total land area is 1,228,969 square meters.
  • Opening Darren Mall in Dammam
  • Obtaining Alandalus Square construction permit from Jeddah Municipality for
  • Selling 25% of the Company's ownership in Hyatt Mall
  • Selling the Company's share in Al-Ahsa land at a price of SAR 51.3 million, generating a capital gain of 71%.
  • Commencement of Staybridge Suites Hotel construction
  • Acquisition of 33.4% of Hamat Real Estate Company
  • Commencement of the community shopping centers construction i.e. Sahafa Center, Telal Center, and Yarmouk Center.
  • Acquisition of 25% of a land in Jeddah (Al-Sawari District) on which Panorama Jeddah Mall will be developed.
  • Signing an agreement with Holiday Inn Middle East Ltd to manage and operate Staybridge Suites in Jeddah Alandalus Mall under the trade name "Staybridge" and with 100% ownership by IHG Group for 15 years.
  • Establishment of community shopping centers, namely Sahafa Center, Telal Center, and Yarmouk Center.
  • Closing phase one of the Staybridge Suites project
  • Establishing Sorouh Almarakez Company, in which the Company's ownership share is 25%, the purpose of which is to own Al-Surai district project in Jeddah, in which the Company has a stake of 25%.
  • Opening community shopping centers (Sahafa Center, Telal Center, and Yarmouk Center).
  • Increasing the Company's capital from three hundred and forty-three million (343,000,000) Saudi Riyal to seven hundred million (700,000,000) Saudi Riyal.
  • Initiating and completing more than 90% of Alandalus Mall expansion plan.
  • Completing more than 90% of the Staybridge Hotel in Jeddah Alandalus Mall.
  • Initial public offering (IPO) of 30% of the Company's shares.
  • Listing and trading of the Company's stocks in the Saudi Stock Exchange "Tadawul" in early 2016.
  • Completing the expansion of Alandalus Mall and renting out more than 90% thereof.
  • Completing more than 99% of Staybridge Hotel project in Jeddah Adjacent to Alandalus Mall.
  • Opening and operation of Staybridge Suites Alandalus Mall
  • Opening Hayat Mall food court after redesign and renovation
  • Hyatt Mall winning the Excellence Award from MECSC (Middle East Council of Shopping Centres)
  • Commencement of renovation of Alandalus Mall food court and completing 90% thereof
  • Commencement of Al Marwa Center project in Jeddah with completion percentage of 63%
  • Completing Darren Mall expansion plans
  • Acquisition by the Company of 25% of Asala Real Estate in Jeddah
  • Offering 30% of AlAhli Reit 1 units (IPO), which owns Alandalus Mall and Staybridge Hotel. IPO was fully subscribed.
  • Listing and trading AlAhli Reit 1 units, of which the Company owns 68.73% of its total units, in the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul)
  • Establishing Manafa Alandalus Company, 70% owned by the Company, the purpose of which is to own Al-Marwa project Center in Jeddah
  • Opening Marwa Center
  • Concluding an agreement with Empire Cinema to open cinemas at Alandalus Mall, as the largest cinema hall in Jeddah with 27 showrooms.
  • Opening Alandalus Mall food court after renovation.
  • Alandalus Mall awarded Recon Award from Middle East Shopping Centers Council for renovation and improvement of Alandalus Mall food court.
  • Entering into an agreement with Saudi Telecom Company to enable Alandalus Company to analyze screen data to provide a unique shopping experience for Alandalus Mall and Hayat Mall customers.
  • Establishing Al-Jawhara Al-Kubra Company for Development and Real Estate Investment, 25% owned by the Company, which is will own Al-Asala District land in Jeddah.
  • Alandalus Property is among the top 20 companies that apply Principles Of Corporate Governance.
  • Alandalus Property won Best Retail Developer Award for 2019.
  • Hayat Mall Won Recon for Digital Transformation Excellence Award.
  • Alandalus Mall was crowned with Innovation Award for Entertainment Events by the Middle East and North African Stevie Awards

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