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The Company’s Activities and Investments

Alandalus Mall

Opened in 2007 in Jeddah, located on King Abdullah Road and opposite to King Abdulaziz square, in the new city center area, with a total area of 148,481 m2 (built-up area and parking), Alandalus Mall consists of 418 shops rented by 390 . leaseholders, with a total rented area of 90,000 sqm, divided into two floors. The Mall is entirely owned by AlAhli REIT (1), of which the Company owns 68.73%.

Hayat Mall

Strategically located in Riyadh on King Abdulaziz Road, with an area of 226,108 square meters (building and parking), Hayat Mall consists of 545 shops, with 535 leaseholders, with total rented space of 90,000 square meters, including many leading brands such as Jarir bookstore, Swarovski, Victoria’s Secret, Mark and Spencer, Virgin, Paul Cafe, Minneapolis entertainment town and others.

Dareen Mall

Opened in 2009, Dareen Mall is distinctively located on Dammam Corniche, with a total area of 99,960 square meters, divided into 61,326 square meters floor area, and parking space of 38,634 square meters, i.e. a total of 59,050.79 square meters. Dareen Mall is owned by Alaswaq Almutawarah Company, of which Alandalus holds 50% of its equity shares. Dareen Mall houses 183 shops,

Alandalus Mall Hotel Jeddah

In line with the Company’s expansion plans, and in order to secure sustainable growth and diversity of its areas of business, the Company has developed a 5-star hotel tower (Alandalus Mall Hotel Jeddah) next to Alandalus Mall. The project’s area is 28.255 square meters (building and parking space). The hotel is fully owned by AlAhli REIT Fund (1), which 68.73% owned by Alandalus.

Alsahafah Center

Located on the intersection of King Abdulaziz road and Prince Nasser bin Saud Street in Alsahafah district in the northern part of Riyadh City, this mall occupies 12, 367 square meters (building and parking space). Development of Alsahafah Center in Riyadh was completed in the fourth quarter of 2014 and became operational in the first quarter of 2015. The vital location of Alsahafah Center in a heavily populated and well serviced area was considered

Telal Center

Alandalus Property completed the development of Telal Center on a leasehold land in Almalqa district in Riyadh in the fourth quarter of 2014, and operation of the center started in the third quarter of 2015. Telal center is located on Anas bin Malek Road, in the northern part of Riyadh City, with a total area of 9,017 square meters (building and parking space). It encompasses 21 commercial units with 15 tenants of 3 categories: “Danube”

Yarmouk Center

The center comprises 27 commercial units with 25 leaseholders and is divided into 3 sections: Panda Hypermarket, anchor tenants and other small shops. Other brands include Baskin Robbins, Saadeddin and Al Tazaj restaurant. The occupancy rate of Alyarmouk center reached 91% in 2018. Yarmouk center is located on a land rented by the Company on Dammam road, in the north eastern part of Riyadh City. The total area

Al-Marwah Center

Located on Prince Majed Road, in Marwah District, north of Jeddah, Al-Marwah Center occupies an area of 17,030 square meters (building, parking and office space). Development was completed in the fourth quarter of 2018, and the Center will start operation in the first quarter of 2019. It contains 73 commercial units and is divided into 3 sections: Almazrah market, anchor tenants and other small shops.. Next to Almazrah market,

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Social Responsibility

To be the leading shopping mall and hotel developer, owner and manager through value creation and continuous innovation.

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