Investor Narrative

Alandalus Property is a Tadawul-listed Saudi Arabian real estate company involved in the investment, development, and operation of income-generating commercial properties across the Kingdom.

We create compelling consumer destinations differentiated by highly engaged visitors whose experiences foster loyalty, visit frequency and lifetime value which ultimately drive and sustain robust growth. We want to be considered the best third place destination, after home and work. Our primary commercial focus is on the retail sector and, where strategically feasible, we diversify into complementary consumer-focused sectors.

Today our business segments include malls, commercial property management, hospitality, and healthcare. This property portfolio extends across all major Saudi Arabian cities covering a significant amount of commercial space generating high occupancy rates. Therefore, we configure our business in a manner that effectively manages enterprise risk while providing steady, consistent financial returns.

Investors seek us out because we have a diversified multi-asset yielding portfolio, are growth-oriented and have a very experienced leadership team. The fact that we were the first Saudi mall investor, developer and operator to publicly list demonstrates our commitment to corporate governance and transparency, unified by a strong ethical corporate culture.

We are different from our peers. We believe in meeting and exceeding the needs of a given property’s catchment area. That means prioritizing consumer centricity over retail centricity, engagement over transaction and tenant flexibility over rigid tenant mixes. These principles are bound together by our propensity to choose the right partners to achieve the right outcomes and our increasingly digital capabilities, resulting in delightful consumer experiences.

Most importantly, it is our motivated team that drives the company forward as we convert challenges into opportunities. We prioritize each employee’s training and development both within the company and with specialized centers abroad. We also offer our employees generous benefits packages to support them and their families.

Our vision is to become the most admired developer of preferred-destination consumer spaces in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

التغيرات في رأس المال

تاريخ اعلان التوصية نوع الإصدار تاريخ الاستحقاق رأس المال الجديد رأس المال السابق
5/2/2021 منحة اسهم 8/25/2021 933,333,330 700,000,000

أستراتيجية الشركة

1. مشاركة أصحاب المصالح .

2. التحسين المستمر لأداء التشغيل .

3. الأستحواذ الكلي أو الجزئي .

4. الإستثمار الإستراتيجي والشراكات .

التواصل مع علاقات المستثمرين

علاقات المستثمرين بشركة الأندلس العقارية

  • رقم الهاتف: 1111771 – 800
  • فاكس: 4506760 – 011
  • صندوق البريد 260020 ، الرياض 11342
  • البريد الإلكتروني:IR@alandalus.com.sa

بيانات الأرباح

السنة الربح الموزع للسهم طريقة التوزيع تاريخ التوزيع تاريخ الاستحقاق تاريخ الإعلان البنك
2016 0.50 تحويل للحساب 2016/06/29 2016/05/30 2016/04/27 الراجحي
2017 2.00 تحويل للحساب 2018/06/10 2018/05/27 2018/04/01 الأهلي
2018 1.00 تحويل للحساب 2019/05/09 2019/04/28 2019/03/20 ساب
2019 1.00 تحويل للحساب 10/06/2020 14/05/2020 01/04/2020 الأهلي
2020 0.50 تحويل للحساب 13/06/2021 01/06/2021 03/04/2021 إيداع
2021 0.25 تحويل للحساب 24/10/2021 12/10/2021 10/10/2021 إيداع
2021 0.25 تحويل للحساب 28/3/2022 16/3/2022 13/3/2022 إيداع
2022 0.25 تحويل للحساب 28/03/2023 16/03/2023 12/03/2023 إيداع
2022 0.25 تحويل للحساب 29/09/2022 18/09/2022 25/08/2022 إيداع
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علاقات المستثمرين بشركة الأندلس العقارية

Supplier list

Email Address


+966 114700735 402تحويلة

+966 11 450 6760


Advertisement for a vacancy

1. Maintenance Manager (Jeddah)
2. Leasing Specialist (Riyadh)
3. Plazas specialist (Riyadh)
4. Development Business Officer (Riyadh)
5. Director of strategy and performance indictor (Riyadh)
6. Marketing Manager (Riyadh)
7. Customer service (Riyadh)
8.Operation Manager (Riyadh)
9. Safety Supervisor (Riyadh)
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قائمة الموردين

الإيميل procurement@alandalus.com.sa

8001111771 تحويلة

+966 11 450 6760


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